Goe GOEGUIDE uncoated

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Convenient fan guides make it easy to select and specify colors. Ink mixing formulas are provided, as well as sRGB values to promote viewing consistency across monitors and Web pages. Available on coated and uncoated stocks

Goe GOEGUIDE uncoated

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Goe System Colors are created from different combinations of the ten PANTONE Goe Mixing Bases, with or without PANTONE Clear and divided into 165 chromatic color families. To reflect the most popular premium paper used, the guide is printed on #1 grade 100 lb coated offset text. 

  • Wide gamut of 2,058 solid colors • Pantone published RGB and HTML values
  • Ink mixing formulas • Chromatically arranged color families
  • Ten Mixing Bases used to create Goe Colors
  • Colors printed with uniform ink film thicknesses using inks receptive to coatings
  • Intuitive naming system
  • Consecutive numbered pages
  • Fan guide format
  • Printed on premium grade 80 lb uncoated stock

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Model Goe
Manufacturer Pantone

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